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POEA License No.: POEA-136-LB-042816-R
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SELL YOUR KNOW-HOW, Euroasia Philippines Inc. provides manpower and management expertise foreign clients need. We assign local qualified people on construction sites and profit centers and give them in return a chance to get new experience and skills while supporting thei loved ones in the Philippines. We truly believe that this exchange of qualification on one side and exposure to foreign countries on the other side will benefit each individual and bring back higher standard in the Philippines upon completion of the contract.

A SERVICE IS A SERVICE ONLY IF ITS COMPLETE.  Owing to its vast experience in the world over more than two decades as a sub-contractor to foreign provate companies, the mission of EPI has been to supply professional manpower to the Construction, Housekeeping and Catering Services and to the Retail and Distribution, Hotel& Restaurant sectors. EPI is activeley involved in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East and also has projects in other parts of the globe like Macau, Russia, New Caledonia and Madagascar to cite a few.

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